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So many influences are dividing communities, polarizing, separating and driving people towards conflict - clashes of civilizations. To counter these many global negative effects we must increase efforts that focus on what makes us similar, human and at peace with one another.

Perhaps more than any other activity that binds mankind together in our quest for reaching Divine Presence and discovering our collective purpose in creation is the shared phenomenon of gathering in circles.

Spiritual Circles is a simple yet powerful film about the many spiritually diverse tribes, nations and belief systems that utilize one variation or another of circles to unite local communities. The variations of circle activity is as amazing as are the many similarities.

As inspired by the founders of the Spiritual Circles Project and central to the Spiritual Circles film will be an exploration of the discoveries from Masaru Emoto, whose work on analyzing ice crystals and their imprinted energy resonance which has now provided scientifically verifiable evidence that the effects of "spirituality" or energy resonance has on physical matter. For example, polluted water turning pure simply from placing words on the containers in which the water is held. Moreover, experiments have been done with communities circling larger bodies of water and changing the clarity and brilliance of photographed before and after crystals taken from the pond or lake.

According to the Naqshbandi Sufi order lead by Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani, one of the secrets of a spiritual circle is that each person in attendance is raised to the level of the highest person in that circle. Thus the film will encourage communities and nations of diverse faith and beliefs, all of whom believe their way is the highest, to come together and benefit each other by raising others to the highest level possible - a goal of the original Spiritual Circle Project

So many interfaith efforts are focused on dialogue to educate and inform others about one's own faith group. Unfortunately these gatherings often become competitions to prove who is best and lack the spiritual benefits that interfaith gatherings should provide. Spiritual Circles (the film) in cooperation with Spiritual Circles (the project) will challenge communities to come together in a non-proselytizing manner and join in collectively seeking the Divine without any other intention other than to seek the Creators pleasure upon all creation.

Through the Spiritual Circles film and with the continued support of the founding project we hope to start a trend towards all faith communities coming forth and gathering for one day per month in a collective effort to bring the favorable energy resonance seen in Masaru Emoto's work to bear upon communities around the world.

The film will also attempt to show the universality of global tribes forming spiritual circles as a common means of worship.
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