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Savages & Terrorists will attempt to recapitulate past and present historical mistakes in a thoughtful comparative analysis between two strangely similar marginalized indigenous groups separated by a century and opposite sides of the world. History most certainly does repeats itself when lessons are not learned. While impossible to predict if any one film will have a substantial impact on a collective psyche of a population searching for answers and direction, we believe Savages & Terrorists holds out that potential.

We are at a juncture in history where people are beginning to question the devious terrorist label sold to a uninformed populace in order that the power elite can create hatred towards a population of people who happen to live on or near vast oil reserves. Once marginalized, the general populace no longer cares what atrocities are carried out upon an otherwise innocent people.

Have we forgotten our own history? Have we not learned from the Native American tribes who were equally marginalized so that the power elite could effectively steal their property and gold without public objection - sell them trinkets in exchange for their valuable land. Are we to accept once again that a population based on color, belief, or a cultural existence different from our own are somehow less human or posses less rights than do those who have been entrusted by the Creator with a greater provision or bigger stick?

While overseas, Director James McConnell supported his ijjaza (doctoral degree) by teaching English at the Embassy supported American Language Center. While hired to be a teacher, McConnell ended up learning much more than he taught. He learned that the Indian schools developed to indoctrinate young Native American children towards everything western and destroy their own cultural identity, beliefs and customs was alive and well in the Middle East. Upon first being hired he was clearly told, your first job is to teach American culture and your second job is to teach English. Embassy schools in the Middle East are no different than the Indian schools now deplored by most historians as an assault on a sovereign people and nation - an assault designed to destroy and assimilate a population into becoming materialists or consumers to be further exploited by the power elite (corporations) vying for control over "emerging markets".  When McConnell challenged this cultural attack, he quickly went from being one of the more revered teachers at ALC to being called the worst teacher who ever taught at ALC - one of the few titles McConnell is most happy to have received.

Having lived overseas for eight years McConnell brings a unique insight into a scenario being played out in the Middle East that is almost identical to the plight of the Native Americans in the West. 

Savages & Terrorists will span the tribal cultures of the Middle East and North America and show a comparison that will once and for all teach a history that hopefully once learned will not need to repeat itself again.

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